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Axis-ALIF elegant and simple modular design creates a cage system with un-matched versatility.

The 1st implant from Axis Spine Technologies offers best in class lordotic options and for the 1st time in ALIF cages, coronal correction capabilities.

Axis-ALIF Titanium endplates are inserted closed with minimal force to protect the structural integrity of the vertebral endplate. The modular core has a large, contained, bone graft chamber. It is delivered into the endplates with controlled precision and locks to form a strong and stable device. No moving parts.

A large aperture makes for easy, in-situ filling with bone graft. After the screws are inserted a cap is snapped into position to contain the graft and prevent any post-op migration.

Uncoupled posterior height from lordotic angle

The Axis-ALIF proprietary technology allows you to determine posterior height independently from lordotic angle providing maximal control over foraminal opening and spinal alignment. This is very different from mechanical expandable cages which expand in a given ratio.

Axis-ALIF provides Bespoke Patient Solutions with up to 840 different configurations in one easy to use system. Axis-ALIF, one cage platform to address all of your ALIF requirements.

Unique coronal plane correction capabilities

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