Axis Spine Technologies is focused on improving the treatment and correction options for surgeons performing anterior lumbar fusion.

Axis proprietary platform technology of build in-situ, modular cages provides; increased sagittal and offer unique coronal correction capabilities.

Axis Modular Technology enables atraumatic insertion which we believe will help maintain the integrity of the endplate and reduce post-op loss of lordosis and cage subsidence.

The Mix & Match components of the Axis-ALIF provide up to 840 implant configurations providing bespoke fit and alignment


Bespoke Patient Solutions

Axis Spine Technologies is developing approach specific implants with ‘on-Axis’ delivery and ‘on-Axis’ force transmission to improve implant control and correction capabilities.

The first device, Axis-ALIF was cleared by the FDA in May 2020 with US surgeries starting this fall.

The Axis-Oblique and The Axis-Lateral implant systems will arrive in 2021 and 2022.

Flexible Precision

The Axis-ALIF offers surgeons intra-operative flexibility to place an implant that more accurately matches a patient’s anatomy whilst also achieving superior corrections than existing interbody devices.

Elegant Simplicity

Axis Technology provides greater intra-operative correction capabilities than expandable cages without the risks associated with small moving parts that can wear or fatigue.

To Correct, To Maintain, To Fuse…

Axis proprietary grafting technology enables easy, in-situ filling and containment of graft, preventing leakage and migration post-operatively.